I decided to create a book that can inspire stylists to think outside the box and see the possibilities in different looks. My goal was to create an up-to-date book that feels modern and fresh. Furthermore, our industry needs more educational material and I felt that I had something to contribute in that area.

This book is unlike any other currently available. The wide range of collections in ONE BOOK shows you just how vast the possibilities are when it comes to hair creations. You’ll find inspiration on everything from extreme hair artistry to the casual, natural, modern looks that appeal to our clients.

They want to be inspired in many different ways and as stylists, so do we!


"From the worst hairdresser student in my class to a gold medal in the OMC World Championships in Washington, USA 1996"

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My goal is to dress long hair
within 40 - 60 minutes.
For that I use a Quick sectioning
Technique and a good base to
work with.

  • Dani Abunar
  • Dani Abunar
  • Dani Abunar
  • Dani Abunar


Expressionism Avant Garde

The substances used to create art exist all around us – there are no boundaries. With flexible materials, like hair, it is possible to create shapes beyond the limits of imagination. Expect the unexpected.

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Aquador Logica

Water is pure. Water reflects beauty, if beauty wants to be reflected. I like the idea of water embracing bodies. Its calm warmth radiates richness and color in a unique, almost surreal way. Styling techniques and shapes are purposefully chosen to enchant, allure and imbue glamour. Water is life.

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X-troactive Avant Garde

Extreme and sophisticated hair shapes are designed to shock and inspire. All textures and forms are created using precision craftsmanship, appropriate products and correct styling tools. Strive for ultimate contrasts between the hair and model. Make the impossible possible.

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Young Contemporary

Develop a keen eye for identifying unique, modern shapes and then allow it to inspire you when molding hair to fit a beautiful face. Don’t simply think outside the box – just get rid of it.

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Excentric Imact

With perfected craftsmanship in fashion you need to breathe it, feel it and live it.
The real impact of intelligence is not an accumulation of knowledge – it’s enhanced imagination. Make sure that your creation matches your vision.

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Post Modern Couture

For these postmodern looks, it’s the reflections and textures of hair and other materials that are decisive. Contrasting elements add excitement and attitude. Product selection and use are based on extensive knowledge and impeccable judgment. Practice makes perfect.

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Dorsia Addiction

Environmental inspiration can boundlessly impact ideas and emotions. The key here is striking the right balance between time-honored concepts and contemporary ones. Create beautiful shapes by being precise, purposeful and enlightened.

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