I decided to create a book that can inspire stylists to think outside the box and see the possibilities in different looks. My goal was to create an up-to-date book that feels modern and fresh. Furthermore,our industry needs more educational material and I felt that I had something to contribute in that area.

This book is unlike any other currently available. The wide range of collections in ONE BOOK shows you just how vast the possibilities are when it comes to hair creations. You’ll find inspiration on everything from extreme hair artistry to the casual, natural, modern looks that appeal to our clients. They want to be inspired in many different ways and as stylists, so do we!

I don’t want to teach you how to do one or even 10 different hairstyles. I want you to understand the principles behind long hair and the importance of mastering how to section hair and create different shapes, looks and effects.


I want you to be inspired by all these different collections and start creating your own.

With practical step-by-step instructions, I’ll guide you through the process and give you the confidence to try something new, no matter what level you’re at as a stylist.

If you are an advanced stylist, already running your own seminars, I sincerely hope that this book will help push the boundaries of your own creativity. This is my first book of accumulated work in this genre: Long Hair Couture. I believe that a collection of LONG HAIR COUTURE has been missing from the body of work already published. My goal was to create a classy, luxurious, postmodern look. I genuinely hope that you’ll be filled with inspiration as you flick through these pages of DANI ABUNAR – LONG HAIR COUTURE.